I decided to try and make my own kimchi since I've been really into it lately and Napa cabbage and cukes are available in abundance right now from my #csa. I chopped up the cukes and cabbage and put a bit of pink Himalayan salt on them and let them sit for 10 min. You don't want to make them super salty but this is the brine so make sure the veggies get throughly salted. Then I added Korean red pepper (gochugaru) and rubbed it on the veggies for a minute or so. Then I flavor balanced adding sesame oil, tamari, coconut palm sugar (add any sweetener of your choice), black pepper, fresh garlic (or use powdered), and sesame seeds. Rub all these ingredients in well for a couple of minutes. At the end toss in some chopped scallions and enjoy plain or over rice!