Melanie Greenberg writes on mindfulness & an abundant mindset this holiday season

"The winter holidays are often an emotional time.  Looking ahead to months of colder weather can bring about a more somber mood. Lack of sleep and too much rich food or alcohol can make us feel grumpy or guilty.  We may face internal or external pressures to have a picture postcard perfect holiday, complete with sparkling snow, glittery ornaments, and brightly wrapped presents. We may be reminded of loved ones who are no longer with us, kids who are now grown, or we may feel more aware of our loneliness and long for a partner to share this special time. On the positive side, holidays may bring joyful reunions with family and friends, allow us to show generosity, and take a break from boring routine to add a little color to our lives.  Whatever your holiday experience, theseMindfulness tips can help you weather the inevitable ups and downs."

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